Points of Excellence

Benedictine College's Dining Hall with Elizabeth Hall in the background

National Recognition | Building one of the great Catholic colleges in America

The plan Transforming 文化 in America is garnering recognition for Benedictine College.

列表 & 排名:

  • Top 20 Best College — U.S. 太阳城官网 & World ReportNewman Guide.
  • Best Private in Kansas — 华尔街. 杂志
  • Best Nursing Program in Kansas
  • Top 25 Great Books Program.

Since 2000, alumni achievements include:

  • 1 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
  • 2 Kansas Secretaries of Commerce.
  • 7 bishops 和 300 pursued religious vocations.
  • 8 university presidents, including Boise State, University of Dallas, 和 the University of Pittsburgh.
  • 13 bank presidents, including Tom Hoenig ’68, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 和 former vice chairman of the FDIC.

Community | Dynamic 校园 生活

Benedictine College’s student life program is used as a model for Catholic schools nationwide. 

 This year the college has more students than it has ever had, after two decades of enrollment increases.

Benedictine has opened 10 new residence halls since 2004 和 a new recreation center 和 dining hall since 2016.

In the last 10 years 乌鸦 sports teams have one national championship, three national championship game appearances, five Final Fours, 和 51 national tournament appearances.

信仰 | Flagship College of the New Evangelization

Consecrated to Our Lady, Benedictine College is the birthplace of the Fellowship of Catholic University 学生s (FOCUS).

Benedictine College’s program among the top five campus ministries in the country. says the Catholic 校园 Ministry Association named.

Benedictine College offers three daily Masses, daily confession times, Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, 和 spiritual guidance from monks, 姐妹, FOCUS 和 SPO.

One in three students participate in mission trips, including 14 countries on four continents. 

Scholarship | One of America’s Best Colleges

Over 50 majors include Chemical, Electrical, 民事, 和 Mechanical Engineering, as well as Nursing 和 Architecture.

The finest STEM building of any small college in America, 100,000 square feet, was dedicated in the 2019-2020 school year. 

Our students are high-achieving with the highest average ACT scores in Kansas 和 35 National Merit Finalists receiving full-tuition scholarships.

Specialty in their disciplines have a nearly 100% acceptance in medical school, Engineering, 注册会计师, 和 nursing boards.

Our 教师 is highly regarded with dozens the top 10% of the national IDEA evaluations 和 with 11 patents, one Rome Prize winner 和 several award-winning authors

National leaders, the board of directors, 教师, staff 和 students of Benedictine College created the Transforming 文化 in America plan.
Learn more at Benedictine.edu/transforming